Thursday, March 18, 2010

Summer in Transylvania

Screenterrier reported back in January on the casting of Eros Vlahos as the lead girl's younger brother in the Freaky Farleys. The Nickelodeon comedy series has now been renamed Summer in Transylvania and is currently filming in Hendon, London.

19 year old Sophie Stuckey (represented by Susan Angel and Kevin Francis Ltd) takes the lead role of Summer Farley. The series revolves around her struggles to make the best of her home, school and social life when her family relocates to Transylvania for her dad's job.  Life in their new home is complicated when the local community, which of course, is comprised of zombies, werewolves, vampires and mummies, looks upon Summer's "normal" family as weird.  At least Summer has two new friends to help her along:

Her best friend Heidi, a zombie girl, is played by 20 year old Amy Wren (previously A&J Management, now Waring and McKenna). Amy also played the lead role of Chloe in Disney's Life Bites series.

Bobby,a wereboy, is played by newcomer 16 year old Kane Ricca from St Albans, who was recently seen on Sky's Got To Dance. Multi-talented Kane, who attended Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, described the show as "kind of like Twilight but for kids and I play the main werewolf. It's exhausting stuff because I'm filming every weekday until April but I'm looking forward to seeing it on TV."

16 year old Eugene Simon (represented by United Agents) who played the lead in the BBC's My Family and Other Animals, plays Max.

Created by Andy Watts (My Parents Are Aliens), Nickelodeon UK plans to premiere this series in the autumn of 2010.


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  2. My mum and Dad were out and my bro was up stairs so i had the floor and the tv to myself. I was about to fall asleep when i was flicking through the channels and i saw new i carly i saw new summer in transylvania i wondered what it was so i pressed info it sounded good so i set a reminder now it is set to record each show.
    Best show ever.
    Amy, sophie, kain if you are reading this one kane's hot, amy you ar the best, and sophie your just bubbly

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  4. why is there no torrent for this!!!!?????? I wanna see Sophie!!!

  5. kane is funny i am waiting 4 more episodes

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