Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Meet the characters of new E4 comedy series Wasted

A brand new comedy series Wasted is coming to E4 which combines a gang of four twenty-something wasters, one West Country village and the ex-Lord of Winterfell!

Danny Kirrane (represented by Gordon & French) stars as  the lovable fantasy fanatic Morpheus,who manages a bong shop, (Stoned Henge). A 25-year-old virgin, he’s massively into fantasy – Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, computers. He’s in love with one of his best friends, Alison, and has been since the age of about 5, he’s a bit of a loser, but he’s also got an inner strength.

Rose Reynolds (represented by Conway van Gelder Grant) plays his neurotic sister Sarah. Of the four she seems to be the one that is most likely to leave her hometown. At the beginning we find her planning to go away to India and then Kent arrives back from uni and that puts a a spanner in the works as they have a bit of a past.

Danny's secret crush is their mate Alison played by Gwyneth Keyworth, the quirky girl who runs a tattoo business out the back of the shop. Alison loves her home village and has no aspirations to leave it. Gwyneth (represented by Curtis Brown), was on of Screenterrier's Faces to Watch back in 2010, before she went on to train at RADA.

Dylan Edwards (represented by Independent Talent) plays Danny's cocky best friend Kent, who sleeps on the sofa, rent free, after returning from Bristol where he spent a year, in his words being 'a world class DJ'!

Together the four have been living in each other’s pockets since school and aren’t moving anywhere fast. But Morpheus is a dreamer, and his dreams take the form of his hero Sean Bean, who appears in full Game of Thrones medieval garb, as Morpheus' personal spirit guide, to help him navigate the rough seas of wasting your twenties....

Wasted has been made for Channel 4 by Angel Eye Media, the Executive Producers are John O’Callaghan and Richard Osborne. It  is produced by Phil Bowker and directed by Tom Marshall (Chewing Gum, Drifters). The six episode series is written by the triple BAFTA Award winning writing team James Lamont and Jon Foster.

Of the series Channel 4 Comedy Commissioner Liz Lewin said, “We can’t wait to bring a bit of Westeros to Wiltshire with the Wasted gang’s adventures. Their exploits across the series are hilarious and ludicrous in equal measure – the perfect mix for an E4 audience”.

Wasted is coming to E4 in July, date and time to be confirmed.

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